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ESV series - a total of Yin energy saving






Pixel distance (mm)

The physical resolution

Cell sizeW×H×D(mm)

Indoor module 



160 x80

320 x 160 x 18



128 x 64



108 x54 



80 x 40



64 x 32

Outdoor module


Product features:

1. The energy conservation and environmental protection:

Use the low voltage power supply (2.8 V and 3.8 V), effectively reduce the power consumption of the whole screen, 5 V working voltage of the screen, compared to the power consumption can reduce more than 30%.

2. The quality is more stable and reliable:

(1) the use of low voltage power supply, at the same time of reducing power consumption, quantity of heat is greatly reduced, 5 v working voltage of the screen, compared to the quantity of heat to reduce above 50%, the whole screen to reduce quantity of heat, can extend the screen all components (including lamp, IC, resistor capacitor, etc.) of the service life;

(2) reduce the single largest conduction current, thereby reducing the maximum current of the power supply power supply, can effectively protect the pipe, power and light, to improve the service life;

(3) reduce the column on the switch of pulse peak voltage, more effectively protect the lamp.

3. Low radiation more health:

(1) low pressure, lower radiation;

(2) the power maximum current peak and lower, lower radiation;

(3) to reduce the whole frequency current, radiation is lower.

4. The PWM drive:

(1) support Gao Lianggao ash;

(2) to support high brush.


Product advantage:

1、Pieces of LED is temperature sensitive element, with the increase of temperature, light decay, color slants color, heat bilges cold shrink becomes more serious, influence LED air tightness. A total of Yin technology to reduce the temperature of the screen, to solve the above problems.

2、Pieces of Yin LED drive mode, can accurately control voltage, at the same time of reducing power consumption, more reduces the calorific value, LED under continuous working wavelength drift, stable show true colors!

3、Pieces of Yin product picture is exquisite real - reducing the level of partial color under low light environment color grayscale change more even, make the image more pure and fresh and delicate, high fidelity.

4、Mixer to reduce energy consumption, thus greatly reduce the temperature of the system, effectively reduce the LED damage probability and improve the stability and reliability of the whole display system. At the same time, the electronic components at relatively low temperatures have a longer life expectancy.

The energy-saving principle:

ESV series adopts the technology of the total Yin, Yin total lamp bead Shared a negative, red, green and blue, respectively, the power supply. By analyzing the R.G.B tricolor photoelectric properties, focuses LED chips for electronics packaging in a conversion circuit, and to control the precise voltage driver chip.

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