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Jiangsu Liangcai Electronics Co., LTD. (enterprise code 690348), founded on June 25, 2008, registered in Changzhou High-tech Park, Jiangsu Province, is a collection of design, production, sales and service as one of the intelligent display, urban light environment, cultural tourism new business and metauniverse virtual reality and other applications of high-tech enterprises. The company's business layout covers seven sectors: smart display, commercial display, smart city terminal, cultural tourism, night travel economy, virtual reality (VR entertainment), and power supply series.

In January 2019, we were authorized to be the project dealer of Leyard Group in Jiangsu Province (city). On May 10 of the same year (Changzhou, Jiangsu), Leyard Audio-Visual Technology flagship store was officially opened, and reached strategic cooperation with Leyard Group. In November 2019, we hereby authorize our company to be the core commercial agent of Leyard Group's audio and video conference display products in Jiangsu, and in 2020, we hereby authorize our company to be the operation center of Liard Smart Display in Jiangsu. In 2021, he became a shareholder of Liard (Hunan) Optoelectronics Co., LTD.

The company's products cover: indoor and outdoor full color, single and double color LED display, including indoor full color P0.8, P1.0, P1.25, P1.5, P1.9, P2.0, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P10, P12, P12.5, P16, etc., outdoor full color has p2.5, p3, p4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P12, P16, P20, P25, etc. Indoor single and double color has Ф3.0, Ф3.75, Ф5.0, outdoor single color has P10, P12, P12.5, P16, P20 and so on. Widely used in financial securities, postal telecommunications, political and legal departments, industrial and commercial taxation, labor and personnel, education and medical care, civil affairs and all kinds of large, medium and small enterprises, etc., has won the top 100 LED display units of China's LED display, China Internet integrity model enterprises , China LED Engineering Merchants Union East China District Director Unit, Jiangsu Province Logo Industry Association Honest Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Customer Satisfaction Service Star, Jiangsu Province Excellent Private Technology Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Product Quality Trustworthy Enterprise, Changzhou Semiconductor Lighting Industry and Technology Innovation Alliance Deputy The director unit has won the honor of China LED display application "Artisan Cup" excellent LED display engineering award for two consecutive years. The company's products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, 3C, CE, ROHS, China energy-saving products, Changzhou high-tech products, etc. All kinds of certificates and 16 utility model patent certificates.

At the beginning of the establishment of the company, registered "changcai" trademark and recently registered "changqing purple" trademark, "su CAI" trademark, "bright color" trademark.

Social role of jiangsu liangcai:

Jiangsu bright color as "changzhou tsinghua bauhinia society" vice President unit

Jiangsu liangcai as "jiangsu province enterprise development strategy research institute changzhou committee" director unit

Jiangsu liangcai as a member of "changzhou Confucian business research association"

Jiangsu liangcai served as the director of changzhou semiconductor lighting industry technology innovation alliance

Jiangsu liangcai served as the member unit of led display branch of China optical optoelectronics industry association

Jiangsu bright color as "China big screen display alliance" member units

Jiangsu bright color as "changzhou sign industry association" director unit

Jiangsu bright color serves as "changzhou industrial economy federation" director unit

Jiangsu bright color serves as "changzhou city enterprise federation" director unit

Jiangsu bright color serves as "changzhou entrepreneur association" director unit

Jiangsu liangcai was approved by changzhou economic and information technology commission to join the "changzhou industrial economy federation", "changzhou enterprise federation", "changzhou entrepreneurs association", referred to as the "three meetings" of changzhou, and as a governing unit

Zhang jiuyu, general manager of jiangsu liangcai, was awarded "vice President of school of economics and management branch of the first changzhou alumni association of nanjing university of science and technology".

Zhang jiuyu, general manager of jiangsu liangcai, was hired as deputy secretary general of China LED engineering alliance

Zhang jiuyu, general manager of jiangsu liangcai, was hired as a member of the professional steering committee of changzhou institute of light industry and technology

Jiangsu bright color to join the jiangsu province sign industry association, become a member unit

Zhang jiuyu, general manager of jiangsu liangcai, has been hired as an off-campus tutor for the master of project management engineering of changzhou university business school

Jiangsu liangcai has become a member of the council of China LED engineering alliance.

Liadez authorized jiangsu liangcai regional project dealer

Jiangsu liangcai won the vice President of changzhou institute of geosciences and human settlements

The company's products cover the whole world, including: Bao sheng group, baosteel group, the rings, Yang steam group, rongsheng group, uh guano boiler group, hyundai group, wuxi, changzhou wantai group hon luxury group, zhangjiagang Macao ocean group, jiangsu is group, suntory group, jiangyin our enterprise group, the langkawi, huaxia group, Ming group, cofco, salt in the group, shagang group, with united group, tianbao, shanshan group, wuxi bridging, shinco group, star group, Biao horse group, A golden concord group, komatsu group, xu rong, yulin natural gas chemical industry group, suzhou xiangshan group, the people's liberation army troops, dinosaur park, dino water town, play valley, western Pacific Lake, water conservancy hub, hohai university, changzhou government mansion, mitsui, xinqiao town street, jiangyin, with the government, the Shanghai planning bureau, Shanghai zhangjiang hi-tech, suzhou industrial park, flowers and birds garden, good sound, young Thai airport, liyang procuratorial Yang town, jiangyin Juan soil, lianyungang, ramada planning exhibition center, the United States target, CITS, China helped, changzhou, suzhou radio and television department of political science and law, kimberly, haitong securities, suzhou, nantong ErJian, nantong four houses, jiangning prison, shen gang street, south bearing, sinopec and petrochina... Abroad: Singapore, Malaysia, the United States (university of southern California)......

Through unremitting efforts, jiangsu liangcai has become one of the outstanding LED products and solutions suppliers in jiangsu, winning high recognition from the government and the industry, and has won various awards.

Liangcai will create quality products with excellence technology, with a professional team to create efficient service, with integrity and enterprising spirit to win customers and market. Bright color, will focus on building the LED industry brand, for more customers, from products to services to provide a reliable one-stop solution. Strive to become an international enterprise deeply respected and trusted by the public.

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