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Jiangsu Liangcai Corporate Culture:

Our vision: to light up the wonderful world, to illuminate a happy life!

Our aim: technology to the world, harmony and create a better future.

Our mission: to provide customers with high standards of products and services; to create a harmonious work and life for employees; to contribute to the creation of a green environment for the community.

Our values: integrity, innovation, efficiency, and gratitude.

Our management philosophy: to take the corporate culture as the driving force to create an advanced management system.

Our marketing philosophy: helping customers achieve value.

Our research and development philosophy: to find differences, to fight for the cutting edge, to seize the opportunities, to save energy and promote environmental protection.

Our manufacturing philosophy: safety, professionalism, efficiency, economy and environmental protection.

Our quality philosophy: starting from the point, efficient and advanced.

Our service concept: without fear of wind and rain, with you.

Our talent concept: people-oriented, continuous learning, and simultaneous development.

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