10 years of concentric peer, thank you with you | Jiangsu Liangcai 2018 welcome party and presentation ceremony
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Annual meeting is the Spring Festival of the enterprise, also marks the end of a year's work of a business. It means encouraging team morale and looking forward to a bright future. On the evening of February 11, Jiangsu Liangcai successfully hosted the 2018 Welcome Gala and Award Ceremony and also celebrated the 10th anniversary of Jiangsu Liangcai.

Admission sign

We are honored to have distinguished leaders and distinguished guests, for their attention, trust, support and participation in our bright future.

Leader's speech

The speeches made by our distinguished guests and distinguished guests from industry leaders and entrepreneurs are shared live on the spot, giving participants a lot of experience and insights. At the same time, we have given Jiangsu Liangcai good wishes and motivation to let us meet the new year's opportunities and challenges with a more calm and confident attitude.

Awards ceremony

Star of Sale, Outstanding Contribution, Star of Service, Mardiraguity, Technical Expert, Outstanding Employee (Right to Left)


Outstanding cadre award


The same goal, the same direction! There are always some people around us have been so outstanding, has been so quietly pay, because of you, Jiangsu bright color is the best!

Singing, dancing, solo saxophone, Jiangsu Liangcai chorus, as well as the lucky draw session at the Spring Festival will add joy and joy to our evening party.

Pictured above is the high-speed rail model presented by Chairman Yu Jinkun. A team run fast led by the locomotive, but now the era of high-speed rail, regardless of the front or rear are an integral part of, such as business sales and engineering, work side by side, work together to complete each project, Jiangsu bright color will be in 2018 to develop faster and better.


The two calligraphic works are presented by Professor Lu Jianguo, a famous Chinese calligraphy and painting artist and a well-known Chinese calligraphy and painting artist with double happiness. "Home" and "Refueling the sleeves up their sleeves" foreshadow the new year. One will "push up their sleeves and do their best to work hard" and strive to take the work to the next level.


We hope to use the most simple and practical action thanks to our most distinguished customers, with a responsible attitude to join hands in creating a better tomorrow! In 2017, we believe that from this new starting point, with the firm support behind you, we will walk more solidly and more exciting!



In New Year

Jiangsu bright color and hard work together

Let the performance rise

Re-create brilliant!

I hope next year we will continue to meet!

Finally, Jiangsu Liang Cai wish you all

Happy New Year, Year of the Dog!

Good health, good luck!

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