Jiangsu Liangcai won the "2018 First China LED display 'Craftsmanship Cup' Award of Excellence '
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Preface: Nineteenth National Congress proposed to carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and model workers spirit, we are building LED display project, from bit by bit start, every good screw, do a good job of each module, and strive to create High-quality projects, quality projects. Artisan spirit is that we do one thing to the extreme! This will prompt LED China to show more innovation and intelligence products and provide strong support for China to reach medium and high-end standards, and will push China to move from "manufacturing power" to "manufacturing power."


 What are the implications for the development of the display industry? LED project construction, what kind of advice? What is the idea of improving the quality of the display manufacturers? What are the "little requirements" ... ... National LED Engineers Union, China LED Display Project Quality Magnolia Organizing Committee In 2018, Guangzhou International LED Exhibition is approaching, organized the 2018 China LED display applications "Craftsman Cup" selection activities .


In the display of production quality, technological innovation, construction technology is growing day by day, in order to improve the visibility of optoelectronic enterprises in the LED display application of grassroots groups, promote brand building and quality construction, to create a number of good quality reputation and super competitive Corporate brand and LED display products. Yesterday, held in 2018 China LED display applications "Craftsman Cup" selection conference. In this selection, Jiangsu Liangcai won the "2018 First China LED display 'Craftsmanship Cup' Award of Excellence."

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Now the business is divided into two blocks, two blocks north and south (the new North Wujin), North: Jiangsu bright color, South: Changzhou carbon significant.


Jiangsu Liangcai is a set design, production, sales and service as one of the LED display, lighting, power supply products of science and technology enterprises. The company has two subsidiaries: Jiangsu Liyade Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu United Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.. Three brands, a team.


Changzhou Carbon Nanotechnology Co., Ltd. registered in Wujin Economic Development Zone, Changzhou graphene technology industry park, is based on Jiangnan Graphene Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou nanotechnology and nano-biomimetic Institute, a joint application of graphene + LED display R & D Center. The current research and application areas are: LED packages, LED potting, LED box, LED package. The overall performance of the LED (strength, high temperature, corrosion, energy saving, etc.) to make a breakthrough industry change.


Jiangsu Liangcai always remember the heart, adhere to the main industry - LED industry, although the increase of the trolley line, Busway and other products, but are all around the Railway Bureau display areas, of course, in the high-speed rail, motor vehicles, There are many areas to be excavated. On the basis of sticking to the main business, we will continue to innovate and extend the industrial chain so as to diversify, differentiate and maximize the value of products in the industrial chain, and make the business be stronger and better.


We are plowing the LED industry at the same time, with technology and design to reshape the light show culture. Just as the report of the 19th National Congress pointed out that "culture is rejuvenating the country, and culture is strong and ethnic strong." The future, bright color system will LED + graphene, LED + 3D, LED + AR, LED + VR, LED + smart street light, LED + smart display with big data, the bright color wisdom plate as a light show culture service providers. At the same time, with the support of the government and the LED industry restructuring driven by the LED intelligent lighting pole screen will be the rapid development of the future smart color light pole screen will continue to seize the wisdom of the city entrance, for the construction of China's smart city a little strength.


Jiangsu Liangcai won this honor, which is not only full of Jiangsu Liang Cai full stability and development for many years, but also Jiangsu Liangcai LED display application market to a new level. Jiangsu Liangcai will take advantage of the potential, the courage to break through and innovate to create the core competitiveness, adhere to the spirit of craftsmen, winning recognition with quality, service to win the trust of the outstanding performance of the community and investors back to become the LED industry's leading brands.

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