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Product features: 

1) the heat is the best. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of 3000-5000 - w/mK, higher than that of carbon nanotubes and the diamond, several times of brass. 

2) the best conductivity. Graphene for minimum resistivity materials in the world, only about 10-8 Ω. M, at the same time, the room temperature electron mobility is as high as 15000 ㎡ / v. c, more than silicon and carbon nanotubes. 

3) the transparent. Graphene is almost completely transparent, only 2.3% of the light absorption. 

4) super strong. The strength of the steel is harder than diamond, 300 times.

5) most light and thin. 0.335 nm thick, the surface area of 2600 ㎡ / g.




In "plastic casing suite", and "LED lamp bead potting glue", "body surface coating", "circuit board is three paint coating", "LED lamp bead encapsulation", "LED regulated power supply is" test comparison, "black gold" graphene, as the most thin, the hardest, strongest conductive heat conduction performance of a new type of nanometer materials, can enhance the heat dissipation of the LED display screen, anti-corrosion, thermal conductivity, etc., so as to make the products durable, energy conservation, environmental protection, cost savings for a long time.

Graphene compared with general material data report

Test results summary: 

1, the use of graphene boron nitride material box, the lamp back bead temperature, PCB temperature in case of open or normally closed, are lower than using conventional material box body. Use the graphene boron nitride materials for the main heating part LED display, there is a cooling effect. 

2, the use of graphene boron nitride material box body, lamp bead and PCB back temperature both temperature difference is small, about 3-5 degrees; Rather than using conventional materials box body, lamp bead and PCB back temperature both have a larger temperature difference, about 7 to 10 degrees. In general, the temperature difference is smaller that the internal heat conduction, the better. Therefore, use the graphene boron nitride materials, the temperature difference between the lower back of the lamp bead and PCB temperature can effectively improve the heat transfer between lamp bead and PCB.

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